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After seeing the woman off, Duan Liyu sat at the bar and watched his friend drink a lot of wine. He had to admit that the situation in front of him was really abnormal. Because of the same family background, Duan Liyu and Han Jiyun can almost be said to have grown up wearing the same pair of open-file pants, and their deep friendship is natural. Once upon a time, Duan Liyu saw his good friend drinking without saying a word like this? With his unique and excellent conditions and background. This is simply a fantasy. What is particularly suspicious is that although his friend’s behavior after marriage proves that he is indeed unable to be faithful to his marriage, to Duan Liyu’s surprise, during his friend’s two-year marriage life, unless he is not in Taiwan, he will certainly go home before midnight no matter how much he fools around with women outside. But tonight, after twelve o’clock, he showed up at his place, and the situation was really unusual. What’s the matter with you? “He came here for a long time without saying a word.”. And Han Jiyun’s answer is to look up and drink up the wine in the cup. Duan Liyu’s curiosity was really aroused. He grabbed the wine glass from his friend’s hand. “Don’t tell me you just came to me to find free wine to drink.” Han Jiyun, who was in a bad mood, turned to look at his friend and looked at him gloomily, “pray for a divorce with me.” Then he grabbed back his glass and poured himself a glass of wine. What There is no doubt that this answer really surprised Duan Liyu. God knows that anyone who knows Shen Qiyang knows how much she loves Han Jiyun, and he does have the conditions to be loved by a woman. In order to love him,Thyroid Powder Factory, she put up with the exclusion of the Han family, not to mention, even friends repeatedly philandering are all tolerated down, the measurement of Dalian Duan Liyu can not help but deeply admire. How could she take the initiative to divorce? Don’t say it’s a friend’s accident. Even I didn’t expect it. However, Duan Liyu does not understand what this kind of thing is worth being so depressed. For a long time, no one can understand what Han Jiyun’s heart is thinking. At the beginning,L Methylfolate Factory, he picked Shen Qiyang, who had no family background to speak of, because of his excellent conditions. After all, she was really not outstanding. At first, he thought he was just trying to be fresh, so when he announced that he was going to marry her, not to mention that Duan Liyu was shocked, the Han family strongly opposed that Shen Qiyang was not worthy of him. But his good friend stood alone and insisted on marrying Shen Qiyang. The Han family is helpless, although puzzled but can only accept, perhaps this is the so-called fate! Originally thought that the reason why he insisted on marrying Qi Yang despite the opposition of his family must be because he loved her miserably. But where to know, Han Jiyun did not see convergence after marriage, still the same game as before marriage, Berberine Hydrochloride Factory ,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, between many women. Not to mention that others were all confused, even Duan Liyu, as a best friend, found for the first time that he did not understand what his friend was thinking. Thanks to the fact that Qi Yang loved his friend miserably, he was able to tolerate his derailment again and again and continue to stay with him. But now, how can a good divorce suddenly break out? Duan Liyu did not understand what had happened between their husband and wife, hoping to get an explanation from his friend. However, Han Jiyun just kept pouring wine and didn’t intend to open his mouth at all. What the hell is going on? Why did Qi Yang suddenly say he wanted a divorce? “Duan Liyu is curious and eager to know.”. Han Jiyun snorted bitterly, “I also want to know why.” Duan Liyu looked at his friend in surprise, “didn’t Qi Yang tell you?” “She said that if I loved her, I would agree to divorce her.” This ridiculous reason made Han Jiyun dry the wine in the glass in one breath. What kind of reason is it to divorce her if you love her? “You didn’t promise?” Duan Liyu asked. Promise Han Jiyun unexpectedly heard such an inquiry, “do you think I should promise her?” Seeing his friend’s reaction, he thought he didn’t want to divorce, which made Duan Liyu even more puzzled. In the past two years, he has seen everything about his friends and women outside, especially those women who are far better than Qiyang. To tell you the truth, we are best friends. I think I know you very well all the time, but to tell you the truth, I really don’t understand what you think about your marriage with Qi Yang. Duan Liyu was really confused by his friend’s contradiction.
“I just want her to stay with me.” Han Jiyun’s tone was firm. Apparently, Qi Yang decided to divorce, and he didn’t want to let him go, so he came here to drink in the middle of the night. It’s just that Duan Liyu still doesn’t think it’s boring. “Just for this kind of thing, I have to say it’s really not like you.” “Just for this kind of thing?” Han Jiyun disagreed with his friend’s tone. Duan Liyu still did not change his words, “I don’t think there is anything to be bored with.” “That’s easy for you to say.” Han Jiyun ridiculed his friend’s schadenfreude. It’s easy. Duan Liyu answered, “When you decided to get married, I thought you wanted to end the life of the game world. As a result, no matter before or after marriage, you are still dealing with many women. Marriage has no binding force on you at all.” The friend’s words reminded Han Jiyun of what his wife had said earlier, and when he thought that he had hurt her, his mood suddenly became bad again. All right! Han Jiyun rudely interrupted, “I’m not in the mood to hear you judge my marriage.” Duan Liyu did not agree, “I do not intend to judge your marriage, I just doubt that since even marriage can not restrain you, divorce can have any impact on you.” “What did you say?” Han Jiyun, who was about to pour wine for himself again, suddenly heard the last sentence of his friend, and the action in his hand immediately stopped. Hmm? “Duan Liyu couldn’t react for a moment.”. Han Jiyun just asked anxiously: “What did you say just now?” Although he did not understand what his friend was anxious about,Lactoferrin Manufacturer, Duan Liyu repeated his thoughts, “I just doubt that divorce will have any impact on you.” Han Jiyun looked as if he had suddenly been touched by someone, and his expression was like a Rin. What’s the matter? There’s something wrong ?” Duan Liyu did not understand his friend’s reaction. pioneer-biotech.com

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